What Happens When Your HAZWOPER Certification Expires?

If your HAZWOPER certification expires, it means that your training and certification are no longer valid and you are no longer authorized to perform work that requires this certification. This typically means that you will not be allowed to work in hazardous environments or handle hazardous substances until you have completed the required training and obtained a new certification.

If your HAZWOPER certification has expired, you will need to complete the required training and pass a written examination in order to obtain a new certification. The specific training requirements and expiration dates for HAZWOPER certification vary depending on the level of certification that you are seeking and the specific hazards you will be exposed to on the job. There are several different levels of HAZWOPER certification, including:

  • HAZWOPER 8-Hour: This is a basic level of training that is required for all workers who may be exposed to hazardous substances or waste.

  • HAZWOPER 24-Hour: This level of training is required for workers who are responsible for responding to hazardous material spills or other emergencies.

  • HAZWOPER 40-Hour: This level of training is required for workers who will be performing hazardous waste operations on a regular basis.

It is important to note that HAZWOPER certification is a requirement for certain types of work and is not a voluntary or optional program. Employers are responsible for ensuring that their workers have the appropriate level of HAZWOPER certification for the tasks they will be performing.

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Published on: December 28, 2022