OSHA Issues $200K in Penalties to Ohio Roofing Contractor for Continually Exposing Employees to Fall Hazards

Protecting Workers in Bad Weather Conditions

AVON, OH – Chanell Roofing and Home Improvement LLC – based in Cleveland, Ohio – has been cited once again by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for exposing employees to fall hazards.

OSHA inspectors cited the company for failing to install and require the use of a guardrail, safety net, or personal fall arrest system while employees worked on residential roofs. The company was cited for two willful violations of OSHA’s fall protection standards, at two separate job sites, in Avon, Ohio. The company is facing $200,451 in penalties.

OSHA also cited the roofing contractor for:

  • Failing to train employees on fall protection hazards and the proper use of a ladder;
  • Failing to develop a safety and health program; and
  • Failing to provide adequate head protection to employees.

Since 2015, the company has been cited four times for violations of OSHA’s fall protection standards. OSHA requires employers to ensure that workers wear fall protection equipment, and are trained in recognizing and avoiding fall hazards.

Chanell Roofing and Home Improvement LLC has 15 days to appeal against these citations and penalties.


Published on: December 6, 2019