Failure to Use Appropriate Fall Protection Equipment Results in the Death of a 22-Year-Old Construction Workerfall protection training

OSHA proposes a penalty of $249,323 to a Baton Rouge, Los Angeles based roofing contractor due to a young construction worker falling victim to inadequate fall protection measures.

“Falls continue to be the leading cause of deaths in the construction industry and yet, employers like Premier South Roofing LLC repeatedly failed to protect their workers from the risk of disabling injuries or worse,” OSHA Area Director Roderic Chube in Baton Rouge is quoted saying in OSHA’s News Release about the incident.

On April 2nd, 2022, Premier South Roofing LLC’s failure to employ adequate fall protection measures resulted in the death of a 22-year-old worker as they lost their footing, and fell about 30 feet through a skylight in the midst of a roofing job. Investigations have confirmed that the fatality could have been prevented if appropriate fall protection gear had been used.

Premier South Roofing LLC had also received previous warnings from safety inspectors in February 2022 when five of the company’s employees were seen working on a roof without the requisite fall protection equipment. The contractor employs about 200 workers in providing residential and commercial roofing services. However, Premier South Roofing’s repeated ignorance of safety measures and employee training has resulted in major penalties and the unfortunate death of a young worker. 

OSHA has cited the company for two repeat violations for failing to provide fall protection and verify employee training. For more information, refer to the citation letter.

“Ensuring that workers are trained on, and use proper fall protection, as required by law, can prevent tragedies such as this from recurring,” reiterates OSHA Area Director Roderic Chube about the case.

Training to Support Worker Safety and Good Health

Ensuring worker safety is a fundamental aspect of any business and incidents like this bring to light the dangers employees face when required protective procedures and health and safety training are disregarded. Fall protection has been a frequently cited OSHA violation over the years, and falls remain one of the leading causes of accidents at construction sites. This is where training on the key aspects of fall protection for workers can play a fundamental role in safety at a worksite.

Our OSHA Competent Person For Fall Protection training provides detailed guidance on fall protection systems and the use of body harnesses and fall arrest systems. The course also covers safety measures when working on ladders, stairways, and aerial lifts. So, don’t delay, enroll your workers in the safety training course and get them trained and certified today. This action will not only safeguard their health but also reduce fines and other penalties on your business while simultaneously improving your reputation as a concerned employer!

Refer to OSHA Regulations for the State of California to gain a better understanding of the OSHA-approved State Plans for California.


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Published on: August 19, 2022